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Summer Camp

Summer Camp at NLR is a week long overnight camp for kids grades 3 - 12. It's everything you would expect from camp, fun games, great counselors, crazy skits, and most importantly a chance to learn about Jesus Christ and our relationship with him.

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Educational Programming

We strive to help every student grow through dynamic, hands-on learning adventures. Real life applications are found in each uniquely designed learning experience leading to a new knowledge of self, a deeper connection to others, and a renewed commitment to Jesus Christ.

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Educational Programming

Day Camp

Day Camp is a great way for campers going into the 1st-5th grade to get a big taste of camp!

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NLR's guest service team strives to make New Life Ranch a comfortable and easy place for ministry to happen.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development is for high school students who are yearning for something more: discipleship, community, service, spiritual growth. The program starts with the Nehemiah Team, for students entering at least the 10th grade.

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Community Ministries

Our desire is to see children and families in the surrounding towns healed and made whole through a personal relationship with Christ.

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Horsin' Around

Horsin' Around is a great weekend of fun at NLR! During the weekend you will spend time improving your riding skills, hanging out with friends, going on trail rides, and being renewed in your relationship with God. Horsin' Around is for students going into the 3rd -12th grade.

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Horsin' Around

Family Camps

Family Camps at NLR are a great way for your family to get away and spend quality time with each other. We have several Family Camps throughout the year, so there is sure to be one that your family will love!

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Team Building

Team building is great for youth groups, athletic teams, school administrations, church staff, and volunteer leaders.

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Team Building