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Donation Opportunities

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be involved in supporting the ministry of NLR please contact our Development Team.


Mission 19:14 is our camper scholarship fund. We use money from this fund to help kids and families come to New Life Ranch that might not otherwise be able to because of financial reasons.


Mission 19:14 helps to fund three ministries at New Life Ranch: Summer Camps (Summer Camp, Leadership Development, & Day Camp), Family Camps, and Community Ministries.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be involved in supporting the ministry of NLR please contact our Director of Development, Tim Hale, at tim@newliferanch.com or call 918-422-5506.



Ten years ago, New Life Ranch started experiencing a growth explosion. From 2004 till today NLR’s programs have seen 5% to 15% growth each year. In order to make room for more campers retreat guests and to keep campers off a wait list, NLR has added new permanent cabins while supplementing with more temporary housing. The reality is we’ve barely kept up with the need, and we’ve run out of more temporary options. This is true not only for bed space, but also for space in our dining hall and pool. This time has come not only to add more beds, but to build a larger dining facility and pool to accommodate the needs of our campers and retreat guests


Project I – Creekview Cabins & Aquatic Center- COMPLETED

Creekview Cabins & Meeting Room – $1,350,000.000
Aquatic Center – $700,000.00
Scholarship (2 years)- $450,000.00
Total Cost of project I- $2,500,000.00

Project II – Dining Hall

Dining Hall:: $3,745,000.00
Scholarship (2 years):: $450,000.00
Total Cost of Project II :: $3,750,000.00
Total Cost of Campaign :: $6,695,000.00



Creekview Cabins is a 120-bed facility with flexibility to be used during summer camp, outdoor education camps, and retreats on the weekends. It includes a modern meeting facility, with space for meetings and fellowship, along with a complete audio/visual system.


  • Increased camper capacity, potential for increased impact and life change, and ensuring that campers get off wait-lists and into camp.
  • Additional comfortable and usable space for retreat groups and schools groups.
  • More opportunity for campers and guest to be at NLR and hear the gospel of Jesus Christ.


The new aquatic center accommodates over 200 swimmers and includes a zero-entry which gives younger kids and families a great place to play and cool off, while also serving those with special needs and handicaps. it includes a large shallow swim and play area including basketball goals and avolleyball net. The deeper end of the aquatic center has 2 large water slides that gives campers, families and guests hours of fun.


  • Upgrade in size, fun and function allowing us to serve more campers and retreat guests.
  • More recreational options including zero entry, big slides, basketball, and volleyball.
  • Less mechanical issues and pool shut downs during the summer.
  • An incredible tool to build relationships between camper and counselor, parent and child or husband and wife.


NLR would like to build a new dining hall with a seating capacity of 500, and give campers and retreat guests an incredible dining
experience. We will also be remodeling the kitchen to better meet the needs of cooking for so many more people. Once the new dining hall is built, the current dining hall will be turned into a gathering place with couches, a fireplace, and plenty of room for people to talk, build relationships, and
experience community. It will also have plenty of outdoor seating above the creek and towards the ballfield so that campers and retreat guests can enjoy the great outdoors and the beauty surrounding them. Lastly, there will be a new NLR store carrying not only cold drinks and snacks, but a great line of NLR merchandise so campers and retreat guests can show off their love of NLR to others when they leave camp.


  • Increased space for campers and retreat guests to eat in a more comfortable atmosphere.
  • Allow for campers and retreat guests to eat at one time and not have to stagger meal times.
  • Better flow to get campers and retreat guests served in a reasonable time.
  • More gathering space for intentional conversations to take place and relationships to be built.
  • New camp store to enhance the camper and retreat guest’s experience.

For more information on the Impact Campaign contact Scott Shaw, Campaign Coordinator at scott@newliferanch.com or 918-422-5506 x107.



Just as Paul and Barnabas were set apart for the work God had for them to do in Acts 13, the Missionary Employees at New Life Ranch are sanctioned by God to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip and train other to do the same. Paul said, “… the Lord has commanded that those who preach the gospel should receive their living from the gospel” 1 Corinthians 9:14. Mary Magdalene and many more of Jesus’ followers contributed to the support of Jesus and the disciples out of their private means (Luke 8:23). Although Jesus turned water to wine, multiplied loaves and fished, and harvested a coin from a fish to pay his taxes, he chose to be supported by other as he went from town to town proclaiming the good news of the kingdom of God. Similarly, we have chosen to be supported by those who recognize the tremendous impact NLR has in spreading the good news, rather than significantly increasing our charge to those we minister to in order to cover all staff salaries.


As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on our fellow believers in Christ to support New Life Ranch’s ultimate goal to “proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and equip believers for ministry”. This happens not only through personal relationships with one another, but also by donating time and effort to keep this “Valley Set Apart” a great place to gather.


Fundraising Policy

It is the policy of New Life Ranch to honestly and accurately share with interested friends the challenges and situations we face in all areas of our ministry. We make known needs and potential solutions so friends can consider partnering with us through prayer and/or sharing financially as the Lord leads and enables.

We believe motivation for all true giving comes as God moves the hearts of people. Our part is to inform and give opportunity without imposing undue obligation or pressure.

New Life Ranch is an ACA Accredited Camp and an accredited member of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (EFCA).