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It is our goal that once you get to New Life you can sit back and let us take care of everything else. Here is a list of things to take care in order to ensure that everything is ready to go before you get here:

Reserve a date- Contact our Challenge Course Manager, Lane Taylor (email or call
918-422-5506) and let us know when you want to come, how many students you will bring, and if you would like to do a half or full day.

Answer the Group Questionnaire - Download the questionnaire, fill it out, and get it back to Nathan. He will then work with you to build a program that best suits your groups needs..

Reservation Policies

Guest groups are responsible for paying for the minimum reservation number and for guests that exceed the reservation number. Groups have until 90 days before the event to make changes in the reservation number and length of the event.

If the final number of people attending an event is below the contracted minimum reservation number, your group will be charged for those who attended and 80% for those who didn’t, up to the reservation number.

NLR needs your group’s final numbers one week before your event. If you later discover that the number of participants is going to exceed the number you reported, please call NLR to see if space and food are available for extra guests.

Deposit Policies

To reserve requested dates, NLR requires a deposit of $10.00 per guest reservation ($10 x Minimum Reservation Number = Deposit). Reservations are not confirmed until the deposit and contract have been received.

You have two options when paying your final bill:

  • Pay the total amount, less the deposit.
  • Roll over the deposit to book an event and reserve space on NLR’s calendar for the following year.

Cancellation Policies

Excellent Team Building sessions are possible indoors, and our facilitators will make every effort to reserve an appropriate meeting space in the case of bad weather. If an indoor meeting space is not available we may have to cancel programs because of weather. A full refund will be given if team building is cancelled by an NLR facilitator due to weather. Cancellations are at the full discretion of the lead facilitator. Groups reserving Team Building who cancel within a week of their session will be charged a $50 cancellation fee.