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Camp for EVERY kid!

It is our desire that every kid can come experience the fun of camp and learn about the love of Jesus regardless of their financial situation.

What is Mission 19:14?

Mission 19:14 is our camper scholarship fund. We use money from this fund to help kids and families come to New Life Ranch that might not otherwise be able to because of financial reasons.

What does it fund?

Mission 19:14 helps to fund three ministries at New Life Ranch: Summer Camps (Summer Camp, Leadership Development, & Day Camp), Family Camps, and Community Ministries.

If you are interested in learning more about how you can be involved in supporting the ministry of NLR please contact our Executive Director, Tom Graney, at
or call 918-422-5506

Is it safe to donate?

Many people have learned to look for the https:// before entering their credit card number into a website, and you probably have noticed that this page is just http://. However, the form on the right is embedded from another site that is secure (you can scroll to the bottom of the form to see the security certificate). If you have any hesistancies at all you can go to the secure site where the form actually lives:

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