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Summer Staff

A Summer of Impact!

New Life Ranch is not only a place where you will have the opportunity to impact hundreds of kids lives with the Gospel each week, it is a place where you as a staff member will be a vital part in what we call our “authentic Biblical community.” You will not only challenge your campers spiritually, physically and emotionally but you’ll also be pushed in these areas by NLR Leadership. We are just as committed to your growth as you are to the growth of the campers. Here you’ll serve God by pouring your life into kids, make lifelong friends and great memories and find a place you will call home and feel part of for the rest of your life.

Our summer program is relationally based giving you the opportunity each week to get to really know the kids. For two and a half months you will minister to campers from 3rd to 12th grade by sharing your life, thereby showing them the life altering love of Christ. Relationships are built through intentional activities; activity classes let campers excel with the help of their counselors, Morning Camp Party lets campers and counselors have fun and be crazy together, and free time is a chance to bond, play and find teachable moments.

Each summer we also focus on a spiritual theme that is discussed in a cabin Bible study (we call it “Word”), chapel service in the evening, and nightly cabin discussions we call “Talk Back.” Because of the friendship that counselors develop with campers throughout the day, the teachings that go with the theme become more effective.

We are looking for individuals who have a strong growing relationship with Jesus Christ and have a passion for sharing the love of Christ with youth. Because of our focus on Christ, summer staff must be able to articulate their faith in word and live it out before campers on a daily basis.

If you have any questions about serving on summer staff at New Life Ranch contact our Director of Summer Programs, Rhett Pierce ( or our Summer Camp Coordinator, Brock Shinkle ( Both can be reached by calling 918-422-5506.

Think you have what it takes to serve on Summer Staff? We are looking for college-aged students who have a strong desire to serve kids, work in an intentional community, and go all out to have fun and love the Lord!