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Want to add an activity class? Fill out the form below indicating the name of your camper, the week they are attending, and which classes you would like to add. Please be aware that this does not guarantee you a spot in the class. We will send you a confirmation email if you have been added to the class. Once your camper has been added to the class you can make a payment on your Online Registration Account.

These classes takes up one of two activity classes campers participate in each morning.

Airsoft ($35)
Airsoft is the latest and possibly greatest addition to NLR’s activity class lineup. Campers will have the opportunity to battle their friends on our newly renovated Airsoft field complete with bunkers, barriers, and towers. Campers will clash through a variety of team oriented missions and objectives designed to keep each of the five days of class fresh and new. Guns, ammunition and protective eyewear will be provided.
Horse Vaulting ($40)
Vaulting is a very specialized discipline of horsemanship. Think of it as gymnastics and dance on horseback. In vaulting the horse walks in a large circle controlled by a wrangler, while participants work as a team or individually to perform tricks and formations while standing on the horses back. Vaulting is a challenge! But we start with the basics and let each participant advance at their own pace.


Climbing & Rappelling ($45)
There's no reason to stay on the ground if you don't want to! Climbing and Rappelling is your chance to tackle the vertical world. Our climbing wall has a variety of routes so climbers can learn the basics and then try our more difficult climbs. After the climb to the top campers will get the opportunity to master the skill of rappelling, as the instructor clips them into the rappelling rope for the ride back down. 
Horsemanship ($55)
You don't get to ride a horse every day, unless you're at New Life Ranch! Our horsemanship classes are a great way to get to spend about an hour riding every day. Classes are divided by skill level, so beginning riders have an opportunity to learn basic skills and more advanced riders are able to learn more advanced skills.   
High Ropes ($45) For Senior Campers Only
People can't fly. But you can come close! The Zip Line and The Swing are almost like flying. High Ropes participants also get to push themselves as individuals on the Pamper Pole, and they work together as a team to overcome the challenges of Jacobs Ladder, the High Y and the Vertical Play Pen. Each of these elements have their own challenges and let participants grow as they push themselves physically and mentally to new experiences. 
Mountain Biking ($35) Free if you bring your own bike
New Life Ranch has lots of trails, and its hard to think of a better way to use them than Mountain Biking! Mountain Biking starts off with a day of basics to make sure everybody is familiar with their bike and gets a chance to practice some foundational skills. Then we hit the trails! Riders get to experiences a bit of everything: tough climbs, quick descents and good single track.