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NLR's guest service team strives to make New Life Ranch a comfortable and easy place for ministry to happen.

A Valley Set Apart

Spending several days in a new place, away from the usual distractions of everyday life, can provide amazing chances for growth. NLR's "Valley Set Apart" is a great place for churches, youth groups, Christian schools, and other ministry organizations to come and grow.

NLR's retreat and guest services strive to make New Life Ranch a comfortable and easy place for ministry to happen. There are several key things we do to accomplish this:

  • Providing a personable, flexible, servant-hearted staff.
  • Maintaining clean, well kept, and functional facilities.
  • Providing great food in a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Offering program consultation and assistance as needed.
  • Maintain God's creation and keep it a "valley set apart” as a refuge from the outside world.

Our role is to worry about the details of food service, facilities, and equipment, allowing you to focus on ministry to your group. Your role is to develop and arrange the programming, music, speakers, and activities which will best suit your group’s needs.

If you have any questions about hosting a retreat at New Life Ranch please contact our Retreats Manager, Nathan McKinney, by emailing him at, or calling

We offer a wide variety of activities for our retreat guests. With everything from canoeing, to the ropes course, to target sports, it is nearly impossible for someone to be bored during their stay here! Click here to find out about all the activities we offer!
All of our cabins have heating and air, so regardless of the time of year you are coming for a retreat, guests are sure to find a comfortable place to sleep after a fun day at the Ranch!