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Soma is for campers going into at least 12th grade and is designed for students who have successfully completed the Timothy Team program and have shown they have what it takes to move to the next level.

2018 Session Info

Soma registration looks a bit different than your previous Leadership registrations. There is just one Soma option to choose from during registration because we will be assigning your session to you based on two things: your preference and the needs of camp. We’ll ask for your first, second, and third session choice later, but for now just go ahead and get registered!

Session Preference 1 Session Preference 2 Session Preference 3
Date June 3- 30 June 23-July 21 July 14-August 11
Price $850 $850 $850
Training Dates: Tuesday, May 29th 7:00pm - Sunday, June 3th 1:00pm
All Soma participants are expected to attend this training. If you have schedule conflicts (such as school or work)
please be sure to discuss these with us during your interview.

What is Soma?

Soma is the Greek word for “body.” The scripture passage 1 Corinthians 12:12-31 provides a great picture of what these students will be doing - serving the Lord with the varied gifts they have been blessed with.  After completing the application form and an in depth interview with NLR staff, each Soma participant will be assigned an area of specialization.  During the Soma session, each camper will serve in their area of specialization for at least two of the three weeks.  For one week many Soma participants will get the opportunity to serve in a new area to get a taste for a role that's a bit different.  The goal of the program is for these students to begin to understand their unique calling; how their God given gifts, abilities, and experience combine to give them powerful leadership potential, and to give them the opportunity to practice serving in one of these areas as a part of a larger group.  Soma's can expect to be challenged, equipped, encouraged, and given real responsibility in the ministry of New Life Ranch.


Soma's have the oppurtunity to be trained in an area of summer camp they are interested in. This might be Counselor-in-Training, Wrangler-in-Training, Maintenence-in-Training, as well as many other areas.
Discipleship is an important part of the Soma program. Each Soma participant is paired up with an older mentor which they meet with once a week for guidance, prayer, and friendship.

Some FAQ's

How thorough do I need to be on the questions in the application? 
The answers to the questions allow for NLR to understand why each camper desires to be involved in the program and tells us what type of person we are getting. These are very important in the application process. Therefore, the more thorough, the better. Questions should be answered solely by the applicant.

What happens when NLR receives my application? 
You will receive an email saying NLR has received the application. Everyone is placed on a waitlist until after the interviews are done and the final decisions have been made. Make sure to mail in all parts of the application including the completed reference forms. We have a limited number of positions so it is to your advantage to apply & turn in all of your forms early!

How does the interview work? 
After the January 15th deadline passes, New Life Ranch will call or email to set-up an interview with the applicant. NLR Staff will visit Tulsa, NWA, and areas within a close proximity to NLR to conduct these interviews on specified dates. If you live outside of these areas a phone interview will be conducted. We prefer face to face interviews if possible. Be prepared for the interview! Your appearance and preparedness are a reflection of your desire to do your best for the Lord.

How will I know if I made it in? 
You will receive a confirmation email and invoice telling you what session you have been confirmed for, balance due, etc. This will happen approximately 2 weeks after all interviews have been conducted. Other general information including arrival and departure dates, and packing lists will arrive approximately a month before your session starts. If you are not accepted, you will be contacted by phone and email and all money will be refunded.