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Nehemiah Team

The "Nehi" Team is for campers going into at least 10th grade and is designed for campers who desire to take steps toward growing as servant leaders.

Session Info

Session 1 Session 2 Session 3 Session 4 Session 5 Session 6 Session 7 Session 8
2018 Dates June 3-16 June 10-23 June 17-30 June 24- July 7 July 1-14 July 8-21 July 15-28 July 22- August 4
Nehemiah Team Cost $930 $930 $930 $930 $930 $930 $930 $890

Availability FAQ

  • How do I know which sessions of Leadership Development are available for my camper? The only way to know is to go ahead and register.
    Log into our on-line registration system, and after entering your camper's details you will see a list of options that are available based on your camper's gender and Fall 2016 grade level.  (Please note: Nehemiah Team must be completed before Timothy Team, and Timothy Team must be completed before Soma.)  If the session you want is visible on the list of available sessions, and you choose it and complete the registration, that means your camper has a reserved spot (final acceptance is based on references, essay questions, and for Somas, an interview as well.)  If that session has filled, only the wait listed version of the session will be visible for your camper.
  • What if both the wait listed version and the regular version of a session show up on my list to choose from?  That means there is a still a spot available for your camper, but that session is wait listing for other genders, so we want the wait list version to be available to them.
  • The bottom line is, when in doubt, register!  If you see the regular version of a session on the list, that means you can choose it.

What is "Nehi"?

The “Nehi” team  focuses on the foundation of Biblical leadership: servant hood. Through vital behind-the-scenes work Nehi's learn to put others first & become servants just as Christ modeled for us. To develop servant leaders this “camp within a camp” will utilize both on-site and off-site work projects, Bible memorization, an in-depth Bible study of Nehemiah, development of a personal quiet time, NLR’s Challenge Course, and an overnight trip away from NLR. While the Nehemiah Team will have the opportunity to work, play, & learn servant leadership, they won’t have the responsibility of caring for campers.

This ministry is offered to campers going into at least 10th grade and is designed for campers who desire to take steps toward growing as servant leaders. There is a deeper level of commitment required of Nehi’s than that of a summer camper, and they will be challenged spiritually, emotionally, and physically. Each participant should show a commitment to these challenges. Campers will have plenty of fun as a Nehi, but it should be understood that our focus is on leadership development.  Challenging campers to mature and grow deeper in Christ is our primary goal.


The overnight hiking trip is a favorite for participants. Due to the stresses of unfamiliar circumstances the Nehi's form strong bonds and deeper friendships.
work crews
Work Crews are a major part of the Nehemiah Team. These crews tie in with the overall theme of Nehi, to learn what it means to be a servant leader.


Some FAQ's

How will I know if I have been accepted into the program? 
You will receive a confirmation letter and invoice via email letting you know what session you have been confirmed for and balance due. Other general information including arrival and departure dates and packing lists will arrive approximately a month before your session starts.

How does the "Wait List" work? 
If you are placed on the wait list it is because all of the beds are full for the session(s) you are applying for. The more sessions that you are available for, the less likely it is that you will be placed on the wait list. We have a limited number of spots for each position, so it is to your advantage to apply and send in your deposit early. We will do everything possible to find a place for everyone, but unfortunately that is not always possible. You will only be placed on the waitlist when we have received a complete application with deposit. People will be placed on the waitlist in the order the applications were received. If your status changes we'll let you know immediately.

What if I am interested in applying for more than one level of the program? 
If you meet the age requirements then you have the option to apply for more than one level per summer. However, successful completion of each level is required before moving on. If a camper does not complete a level successfully, NLR will not allow the camper to move on and require them to to repeat the previous level. Therefore, it is especially important that the camper understand what they are getting into and the effort that will be required to complete each level.

How thorough do I need to answer the questions in the application? 
The answers to the questions allow us to understand why each camper desires to be involved in the program and give important information about the applicant. This is very important to the application process, so, the more thorough the better. Questions should be answered solely by the camper.

Are we allowed to request teammates?
For portions of the Nehemiah and Timothy Team experiences campers are divided into separate teams. We do not take requests for teammates because we desire that leadership campers take a step out of their comfort zones.

What cabins or housing are used for this program? 
Good question! The housing changes from year to year, and probably will change again for 2016. What we can tell you is that we will make sure that all the leadership campers have comfortable housing.