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Leadership Development

Leadership Development is for high school students who are yearning for something more: discipleship, community, service, spiritual growth. The program starts with the Nehemiah Team, for students entering at least the 10th grade.

2017 Dates and Cost

Nehemiah Team Timothy Team Soma
Date See Table See Table See Table
Cost $850-940, depending on session $900-990, depending on session $780-830, depending on session

Availability FAQ

  • How do I know which sessions of Leadership Development are available for my camper? The only way to know is to go ahead and register.
    Log into our on-line registration system, and after entering your camper's details you will see a list of options that are available based on your camper's gender and Fall 2017 grade level.  (Please note: Nehemiah Team must be completed before Timothy Team, and Timothy Team must be completed before Soma.)  If the session you want is visible on the list of available sessions, and you choose it and complete the registration, that means your camper has a reserved spot (final acceptance is based on references, essay questions, and for Somas, an interview as well.)  If that session has filled, only the wait listed version of the session will be visible for your camper.
  • What if both the wait listed version and the regular version of a session show up on my list to choose from?  That means there is a still a spot available for your camper, but that session is wait listing for other genders, so we want the wait list version to be available to them.
  • The bottom line is, when in doubt, register!  If you see the regular version of a session on the list, that means you can choose it.

What is the Leadership Development Program?

The New Life Ranch Leadership Development ministry seeks to create and facilitate purposeful experiences that prepare the hearts of our participants to be impacted by God. We believe that each disciple is called to be a leader for Jesus Christ, and that God has given each individual the skills and gifts necessary to influence the lives of the people around them. Each Leadership Development program is a unique combination of the people, situations, and challenges that God brings to us. Through it all we seek to empower participants to grow into powerful servant leaders for Jesus Christ.

level 1 nehi

level 2 timothy team

level 3 soma