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The best part about Challenge Camps at New Life Ranch is that as soon as you get your group to the camp, we take over the rest! We provide a fully scheduled program, clean and air conditioned cabins, great food, and quality staff so that you, as a teacher or administrator, can focus all of your attention on building relationships, growing, and learning with your students!

The unique thing about the programming is that we design it specifically to your group, depending on the needs of the group and what kind of growth you desire to see in your students. After you fill out this brief questionnaire, our resident Director of Outdoor Ministries Sam Morton ( will work with you to formulate the program for your stay. Here are some of the tools that we use that may be a part of your program:

Geo Challenges
Teams members are trained in map reading, compass skills, and how to use a GPS. Their challenge is to use all the tools provided to find items hidden throughout our 1000 acre learning lab. Someone will possess knowledge, another truth, and another an understanding of the culture – whose voice will be heard?
Flight Challenge
Teams of three must first learn to fly a power kite and then accomplish specific challenges while keeping in the power window. This is not the kite of your childhood!
Fire Building
Primitive Fire Building
The mission . . . start a fire using a rock and a chunk of steel. The result is more than a fire for cooking smores. People work individually or in teams to first create a flame and then a sustainable fire. The life lessons abound during this activity which at first seems easy to do – but it’s not!
Challenge Race
Challenge Race
As the group gathers, they are handed several back packs of seemingly randomly chosen items and their first clue. The challenge race has begun! For the next three to four hours, they face physical, mental and emotional challenges designed as a diagnostic tool to determine their strengths and weaknesses. 
Team Belay
“I’ve got your back” takes on a new meaning a peers take up the slack for their climbers on NLR’s climbing wall and challenge course. The climber faces trusting his team and the team must take their responsibility serious. The result is powerful for everyone involved.
Issues and Concepts
Roles and Responsibilities, Conflict management, Problem Solving, Communication, Collaboration, Critical Thinking, Team Work, Adaptability, Trust