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Educational Programming

We strive to help every student grow through dynamic, hands-on learning adventures. Real life applications are found in each uniquely designed learning experience leading to a new knowledge of self, a deeper connection to others, and a renewed commitment to Jesus Christ.

Adventure Happens at New Life Ranch!

The Outdoor Ministries team strives to provide like impacting adventures for schools and churches participating in our programs. We can do this by offering:

Excellence in Programming- Our programs are creative, purposeful, educational, engaging, and fun! The hallmark of each experience is a focused spiritual application leading to new knowledge and understanding of Biblical and spiritual truth. We will partner with you to tailor-design a program fitting an area of learning you desire.

Commitment to Professionalism- Our adventure guides share a commitment to excellence in education in the outdoors. They combine a wide range of knowledge and camp experience. Above all else, our guides are active followers of Jesus Christ who embrace the mission of New Life Ranch.

Small Adventure Groups- At New Life Ranch, students benefit from a low student to instructor ratio (usually 1 instructor to 15 students, or less). We take the time to become acquainted with each student, providing them with the special attention they need to connect relationally and spiritually and excel in outdoor learning.

Flexibility- You can select an experience which best suits your group, from a single day to an entire week (most visits are two and a half days in duration) packed with age appropriate learning adventure and exploration. We work closely with you to design a program which best suits your goals and budget.

Commitment to Safety- We carefully examine all aspects of our programs on an ongoing basis to ensure they provide the highest standards of safety and care.

Challenge Camps
Challenge Camps
Our challenge camps feature activities designed to stretch the imagination. Students complete tasks while overcoming fear, taking leaps of faith, and learning to trust. Guided reflection on each experience equips students with material for growth, both individually and corporately.
Challenge Camp programs are well suited for middle school students, high school students, and adults.
Outdoor Education
Outdoor Education
Students will learn through exploring our world by hands on interaction. Dynamic outdoor adventures help concepts, such as the water cycle, become real. Our trained instructors help your students fall in love with the Creator of the beautiful world surrounding us.
Outdoor Education programs are best suited for elementary school and middle school students.